[PyQt] FW: cascadeSubWindows oversized--Conclusion

Pietro Moras studio-pm at hotmail.com
Tue May 24 11:41:34 BST 2011

There is a Conclusion to this enquiry. 

C1) With PyQt (4), support from collaborative colleagues is particularly valuable. So that to find out the “right” place where to share experiences and tech.info is particularly relevant. 
C2) The other side of this same coin is that you cannot entirely rely only upon the available PyQt (4) documentation. 

Therefore my Operative conclusion is: 
O1) To rely upon the “RiverbankComputing.com PyQt Mailing List”, as in this actual “cascade” case. 
O2) To share in that List my possibly useful s/w fragments as a reward and to the benefit of other fellow colleagues. 

-- I'd appreciate your thoughts, especially if in some disagreement with my Conclusions. 
See you.
- P.M.
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