[PyQt] SIP versions. possible crash issues

James Polk jpolk5001 at yahoo.com
Tue May 31 21:52:01 BST 2011

I'm using PyQt mostly in conjunction with Maya, but also for standalone applications.
I have a situation where from within Maya, I launch a PyQt app that uses sip's
"wrapinstance" command.  I'm creating a Maya-derived graphical entity and parenting
it into the PyQt window.  I've done this before, and this technique is current "conventional
practice" amongst many in the uh, Maya/PyQt community shall we say.  It's worked
many times for me before, but now it's crashing.  The *only* difference is that when it
crashes now, it's when a really large object has been loaded into Maya.

After Maya launch, run the tool, everything's fine.
Load really large database, run the tool, it crashes...always at the "sip" line...

So, I tried an experiment, I did everything as normal, but I didn't call sip, and it
didn't crash.

So my first thought was can I install a new version of SIP, or is the version
I'm using "locked" into compatibility with the versions of Python and PyQt I'm on...
Or would downloading a newer version possibly fix the problem?
My environ is:
    Python 2.6.4 
    PyQt 4.5.3  (or 4.5.5, I forget)
    SIP  (how to get the version?)

What kind of conflicts could occur with large memory usage?
I'm running XP Pro 64-bit with 8G memory,..the large database is about
1.4G on the drive

Also open to any other thoughts, suggestions, or advice,...

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