[PyQt] Small problem storing a list in QSettings

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Thu Sep 1 22:04:06 BST 2011


I'm facing a small problem with QSettings and storing a python list in
it. It seems that I can't store an empty list properly into a QSettings
object, its always converted to an invalid QVariant somewhere along the
way. The attached sample script shows this, all is well until I create a
new QSettings object from the file and try to get the list again. The
printout of the ini file also shows this.

Specifying the type for the value() call does not work, that raises an
error that the conversion of the QVariant does not work due to different
typeids (0 vs.  256).

Am I doing something wrong or do I really need to serialize the list
manually into a string? (Can't even use QStringList here since thats not
available with the v2 API).

sip: 4.12.1
PyQt: 4.8.3
Qt: 4.7.3

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