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Timothy W. Grove tim_grove at sil.org
Wed Sep 7 18:06:46 BST 2011

I'm using a combination of Eclipse + PyDev and I like it a lot. Here is 
a critique of it from another forum which convinced me to give it a try:

    """I searched around the web quite a bit and found Eclipse+PyDev to
    be the most recommended IDE overall. I downloaded just the basic
    52MB Eclipse (eclipse-platform-3.7RC4-win32.zip, no installation
    needed) since it's smaller and I read online that it runs faster.
    Then I added PyDev to it.

    It detected my existing installations (For the sake of NLTK and
    other libraries, I had bit the bullet and installed Python 2.7 in
    parallel with 3.2) and looked capable of handling IronPython as well.

    So far, I'm very impressed with its features for debugging, code
    completion, code checking, and speeding up repetitive tasks. It also
    keeps track of multiple Python engines and "grammars" (one of each
    per project). It can do path configuration so one project can
    apparently be listed as a resource for another project for easy
    importing, but I wasn't able to get this set up properly (yet). And
    I don't see a way to have this update my Windows environment
    variable (PythonPath), so I still have to tweak that sometimes when
    running stuff from the Windows command line.

    It doesn't seem to allow launching/debugging of Python files that
    are not part of a project in Eclipse, probably because the
    interpreter and path would be undefined. It can edit these files,
    however (with syntax highlighting but not code completion, I think). """

I also liked an IDE called "Spyder2" 
http://packages.python.org/spyder/) which integrates very well with 
PyQt4 (it's a requirement), but I had to look for another when I moved 
to Python 3.

Best regards,
Tim Grove

On 07/09/2011 13:11, admin at mbnoimi.net wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I know this is traditional question but I really didn't find any 
> alternatives to Qt Creator or eclipse for PyQt
> do you know any IDE works fine just like eclipse or Qt Creator?
> PS
> I tried to use eric but I found its auto completion so bad specially 
> for newbie like me.
> -- 
> Best Regards
> Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi
> My Blog:http://mbnoimi.net
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