[PyQt] How specify a null QFlags item?

David Cortesi davecortesi at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 21:42:33 BST 2011

To a function I want to pass a parameter to be used with
QTextDocument.find, either QTextDocument.FindCaseSensitively
or zero.

When I literally pass QTextDocument.FindCaseSensitively
the function receives an object of type PyQt4.QtGui FindFlags.
When I pass zero, it gets, no surprise, an int 0.

I would like to pass a flag value of 0 and have it come in as the
same type, but I can't find any appropriate class name to use.
The class QFlags is mentioned frequently in the QtAssistant writeups
but QFlags is not listed at riverbank's PyQt4 class reference.

(Well, actually, QFlags does appear under e.g. the QDateTimeEdit class
writeup but clicking it gets a 404 error.)

How can I create a null FindFlag value?


Dave Cortesi

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