[PyQt] Parent/Child widget clipping

James Polk jpolk5001 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 30 23:07:24 GMT 2012

Greetings All,

Doing some prototyping where I have a simple QTreeWidget with 3 items.
Each item has 3 simple children.

Using QTreeWidget.setItemWidget()....I "set/insert" a simple QTableWidget into
a child of one of the tree's parent items (first column)

The problem is that the "child-table" width is wider than the "parent-tree"'s first column,
so that parent-tree->column2 clips the child-table.

This phenomena is pretty much identical to this example on stackoverflow  (last pix)


However, in that example, the problem is "solved" by manually (or could be automatic) resizing of
the parent columns by simply pulling it wider,etc..

But in my prototype, I need the entire "child-table" to display in it's entirety but I need the columns
of the "parent-tree" to remain the same width.

In other words, I need to override the default behaviour of having the tree define the child's display region.

I've tried several things...all to no avail...

I chose to use Tree/Table-Widgets this time, instead of Tree/Table-Views....would the "views" method
perhaps solve this dilemma?

If there's no way to solve this directly....any thoughts about "constraining" the position of a widget to
another widget?...bypassing the parent/child relationship in favor of functionality that would "snap"
a table widget's position to a marker, or anchor on the tree widget?  Sounds crude, I know...but
trying to figure out any workaround...

Would doing something like "setItemLayout" (instead of setItemWidget) yield a layout that would
paint over it's parent?....(albeit I can't seem to find a function like "setItemLayout", lol)

Any and all suggestions or solutions or workarounds are greatly appreciated..

(Simple example attached)
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