[PyQt] Pogles, Nice!

Jeremy Moles cubicool at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 19:11:38 GMT 2012

Hello everyone, particularly Phil!

I had begun work on a C/Python extension for EGL/GLES2 written in mostly 
pure C. It was coming along nicely, I had support for many features, and 
then I stumbled upon pogles. It does everything I need (including RPi 
support), and looks to be quite clean and recent.

I'm porting over my code from C to pogles, and had a quick question.

Functions like glBufferData should probably accept anything that 
supports the buffer protocol. There is code in glVertexAttribPointer() 
in gl_h.sip using SIP_PYBUFFER to do exactly that.

Should all pogles functions be extend to use this same type of 
mechanism? If so, could SIP be adapted to, for lack of a better term 
(and not knowing ANYTHING about SIP), "macroify" this process? :) If 
not, what is the best way to get data into functions like glBindBuffer?


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