[PyQt] latest pykde4 (4.9.2) build fails against new sip-4.14/PyQt-4.9.5

Luca Beltrame einar at heavensinferno.net
Tue Oct 2 15:32:34 BST 2012

In data martedì 2 ottobre 2012 10:27:33, Scott Kitterman ha scritto:

> Same error in Debian with 4.8.2.

I fixed it in PyKDE4's git repository by removing the duplicated definition. 
However I can't backport it because it would break for previous versions of 
SIP and PyQt (and I can't bump versions on minor releases).

Apply 017822bd0dfc83fe9a7a483ecc33f4aab839a3c6 from git master to your 
packages and it should build.

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