[PyQt] latest pykde4 (4.9.2) build fails against new sip-4.14/PyQt-4.9.5

Luca Beltrame einar at heavensinferno.net
Wed Oct 3 20:43:24 BST 2012

In data mercoledì 03 ottobre 2012 09:31:57, Scott Kitterman ha scritto:

> Not immediate ones.  As long as it gets into 4.10 by it's beta release, it
> won't affect anything we have to do.

Turns out it was quite easy to do: try 
fd30259903ad693b86476b6e8c280b93d0102223 from the 4.9 branch and see if it 
builds (it should). For reference, which PyQt version will you be targeting 
there? I need to know to adjust the if statements correctly.

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