[PyQt] call method doesn't work if it has QScintilla instance

Salvatore Larosa lrssvtml at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 10:33:50 BST 2012

I have a small problem in defining/calling an external method in my
I have 3 files, mainapp.py, qscintilla.py and settings.py

in mainapp.py:

from qscintilla import sciEditor
from settings import dialog

in setting.py (settings dialog):

from qscintilla import sciEditor

in qscintilla.py:

scintilla instances stuff

the strange thing is that I can not call a method of sciEditor from
settingdialog which has Qscintilla instance!!

I try to be clearer:

For example, in my  sciEditor class I have these methods:

def method1 (self):
    print "Hello"

def method2 (self):
    self.SendScintilla (QsciScintilla.SCI_CLEARALL)
    self.setText ("Hello")

calling the first method from settings dialog works, the latter not!

maybe I'm missing something!!!

Any suggest is appreciate !

All the best!


Salvatore Larosa
linkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/larosasalvatore
twitter: @lrssvt
skype: s.larosa
IRC: lrssvt on freenode
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