[PyQt] need help with new signals

Matthew Ngaha chigga101 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 22:30:12 BST 2012

im trying to figure out how i can change the old signal syntax to new. the
program im reading through creates a widget that inherits from QSpinBox.

zerospinbox = ZeroSpinBox()

It then emits its custom signal, then that signal is connected to a python
method.  Here are the 2 codes i need help converting.

self.emit(SIGNAL("atzero"), self.zeros)       #this is zerospinbox emitting
a custom "atzero" signal

self.connect(zerospinbox, SIGNAL("atzero"), self.announce)        #and here
is the same signal being connected to a python method.

As you can see this code example uses the old style syntax, can anyone
please convert it for me into the newer style syntax.
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