[PyQt] clipboard not work on GNOME/Unity?

zw g pekingmaster at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 13:17:39 BST 2012

Dear list,

How can i copy files between applications on GNOME/Unity desktop(with
Nautilus file manager)?

The below code works fine on KDE & Mac OS X(Finder), but not work on
GNOME/Unity-based desktop.
The section marked with *bold* were the part i used for copy & paster
files. (Paste the files i copied from my PyQt app to somewhere on the
filesystem, /home/myuser/, etc.)

    def buildContextMenu(self):
        self.contextMenu = QMenu(self)
        copyAction = QAction(self.trUtf8('Copy'), self)

        self.connect(copyAction, SIGNAL('triggered()'), self.copy2clipboard)

    def copy2clipboard(self):
        selectedList = self.selectedIndexes()
        if selectedList:
            paths = []
            for i in selectedList:
                p = unicode(i.model().filePath(i))
                if p not in paths:
            urls = [QUrl.fromLocalFile(i) for i in paths]

            mime_data = QMimeData()

            clipboard = QApplication.clipboard()

Any help would be appreciated.
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