[PyQt] Dilemma: Pqt or wxpython

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I have used both wyPython and PyQt and to be honest, at the time there wasn't much difference. PyQt is a little more powerfull but the syntax and "style" is imho almost the same. 

If you wan't to use Python3 you should use PyQt since wxPython has no stable release for Python3 and is afaik discontinued. 

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On Fri, 8 Apr 2011 13:14:13 -0400
Doug Bell <dougb at bellz.org> wrote:

Hopefully, you don't mind jumping into this (old) thread...

> Several years ago I wrote the same simple application in both
> toolkits. After that, it became obvious that PyQt was the way to go.
> The wx toolkit was not very friendly to use, reminding me way too
> much of the bad old days with Microsoft's MFC.  PyQt is really
> cross-platform: something written and debugged on Linux is very
> nearly guaranteed to work well on Windows, and vice-versa.  On
> wxPython, there was no shortage of platform-specific bugs.  

I'm in the same boat today...abandoned idea to wait & use some working
GUI library in D language and decided to learn & use python.

Personally, I use gtk-based desktop (Xfce) and I like it, but would
like to write general-purpose desktop open-source application capable
to run on Linux, Mac & Windows.

I cannot speak about wx's API (un)friendliness and/or platform-specific
bugs, but my main concern is that wxWidgets project does not have many
active developers...

Of course, PyQt is, afaik, mostly one-man show, similar to wxpython and
tireless work from Robin Dunn, but, otoh, Qt has much bigger
development community.

What do you think about my concern in regards to this dilemma and/or
some other relevant point to decide properly[1] ?

Let me add that I also plan to use Cython (for speed purposes of
project's back-end functionality), as well as to use Python3.

[1] my project will be done in my spare time, so I'd like to avoid
  learning and coding in the 'wrong' toolkit which is not properly


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