[PyQt] How to Disconnect a python QDBus connection?

Shahin Azad ishahinism at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 19:38:14 BST 2012

I made some kind of answering machine for pidgin client that uses Linuxes
DBus to make connection with pidgin. the code is this:

    class DBus_Answer():
        def __init__(self, text = "No text"):
            self.answer = text
            bus_loop = DBusQtMainLoop(set_as_default=True)
            self.bus = dbus.SessionBus()


        def pidgin_control_func(self, account, sender, message,
conversation, flags):
            obj = self.bus.get_object("im.pidgin.purple.PurpleService",
            purple = dbus.Interface(obj, "im.pidgin.purple.PurpleInterface")

now I want to use it as a module in another program. I called it like this:


the problem is, when I stop the second program (the program that has this
one as a module) and then start it again, I'll get a `segmentation fault`
because it want to make another connection to the DBus and it seams it's
not regular!

Other wise I want to give the chance of disabling this module to user. I
tried to use an `if` statement. It will work for the first time. but if
user run the module for once, he can't disable it any more.

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