[PyQt] QThread terminate trouble when porting to Python 3

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 18 23:50:59 BST 2012


I am porting Pynguin to Python 3:

I am working with Python 3.2.3 and PyQt 4.9.1 on Ubuntu.

This is a turtle graphics application, so I take the user's
(python) code and run it in a separate thread. If the
user wants to interrupt the running code, they can press
Ctrl-C and the main thread terminates the thread
that is running the user code.

I know that use of QThread.terminate is discouraged,
but for the most part it works just fine for my use.

The problem I am having is if the user's code is
something like:

while 1:

Should be pretty rare, but the application is aimed at
beginners, and who knows what they might try. Also,
in the previous version I was using, this could be

Now, when trying to interrupt a thread running code like
this, the main thread stops responding and the app must
be killed to escape.

Can this be considered a PyQt bug?

I am considering slipping some monitoring code in to every
loop in the user's code behind the scenes, but that's going to
get pretty complex.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your time.


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