[PyQt] ANN: SIP v4.14 Released

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Sun Sep 30 11:36:46 BST 2012

SIP v4.14 has been released...

- The internal API version is increased to 9.0 requiring the regeneration
  of all modules.
- Added the %InstanceCode directive.
- Added the %VirtualErrorHandler directive.
- Added the default_VirtualErrorHandler argument to the %Module directive.
- Added the /VirtualErrorHandler/ class annotation.
- Added the /NoVirtualErrorHandler/ and /VirtualErrorHandler/ function
- The /AllowNone/ and /NoRelease/ mapped type annotations can now be used
  with mapped type templates.
- SIP_PLATFORM_* and SIP_TIMELINE_* preprocessor symbols are generated
  corresponding to the -t arguments passed on the command line.
- Deprecated sipTransferBreak().
- For Python v2.x unsigned short and unsigned char (when used as a byte)
  are now converted to int, rather than long, objects.
- Added support for MSVC 2010 to the build system.


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