[PyQt] [metasip] problem to run

Tomas Neverdauskas topazas at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 11:24:44 BST 2013


i've installed from source control newest version of metasip in ubuntu with
"setup.py install"

Software list: python 3.2, pyqt4 with sip (from default ubuntu repo),
dip-0.4.4, gcc-xml0.9

I like to generate python bindings for this project:
But after running first time i got this:

*tomas at bitikzyzz ~/Desktop/metasip-a8e5528cdfac $ msip -g
~/Desktop/QtAV-master/src/QtAV/ QtAV*
*msip: unknown or ambiguous location*

What does mean this error and how to deal with it?

Thank you for any kind of information,

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