[PyQt] Qscintilla api location in PyQt4

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Tue Apr 2 18:28:54 BST 2013

A bit of a discrepancy in API locations:

In the Qscintilla source, the default location to place the API files is QT_INSTALL_DATA/qsci, for both the Qscintilla library compilation and the Qsci PyQt module compilation.

In the PyQt source, the default location for the API files is QTDIR/qsci (that's what "configure.py --help" tells me).

On OS X, at least, QT_INSTALL_DATA is defined in qmake, QTDIR is not (and it's not something most OS X users will think to define in the shell, if they even know what the QTDIR should be because the OS X Qt installation is weird), so PyQt API files could end up at the root /qsci, unless it's configured with the -n flag to set the location.

If QTDIR is something like an install prefix, QTDIR/qsci is probably not right on other systems with a defined QTDIR anyways.

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