[PyQt] PyQt4 original example “dbus” bugged

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Wed Apr 3 20:04:58 BST 2013

On Mittwoch, 3. April 2013 18:17:46 Pietro Moras wrote:
> Hi Andreas,   I've not
> misunderstood, you have. In the sense that “\example\dbus” here
> considered is an original example provided into the original PyQt4
> package and, therefore, as such supposed to work as a model from
> which to learn how to use it. If not working into the target platform
> (probably there “forgotten” from other packages aimed at other
> platforms) it means it is misleading.

Feel free to port the dbus stuff to Windows, and you will quickly realize, why 
it was left out by the Qt developers in the first place...

Since PyQt is multi platform by definition, all its examples should be 
provided everywhere.

If you really like to contribute something easy, send over a patch for that 
example, that shows a QDialog noting "DBus is not supported on this platform" 
and exits, if importing QtDBus fails.


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