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Tobias Rzepka tobias.rzepka at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 17:49:24 BST 2013

Phil Thompson schrieb am 09.04.2013 15:45:
> On Fri, 05 Apr 2013 16:20:58 +0200, Tobias Rzepka
> <tobias.rzepka at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hello Phil,
>> I have encountered some odd behavior in the QSettings if I use the same
>> ini with Python 2 and Python 3. I was able to track the problem down to
>> a entry which is a complex list with dictionaries in it (in the example
>> the ViewProfiles entry from Eric5).
>> There are two solutions I've found:
>> 1. Delete the ViewProfiles entry
>> 2. Access the ini without a default parameter of the QSettings.value
> method
>> Detlev and I would like to implement the second solution because users
>> who use a old (<=5.3) and new version of Eric5 with different
>> interpreter should see merely no differences in there settings.
>> The funny thing is, thats not only the default parameter of the value
>> method but also the surrounding. I've to store the settings in a class
>> (Prefs) and the second parameter has to be from another class, like in
>> the example.
>> And if you uncomment the line SingleApplicationMode=false, everything is
>> fine again (but also no solution, because the next access is going to
>> fail).
>> Can you tell, if it's a odd behavior of QSettings or maybe of Python?
>> I've attached a ini and a little code snippet from eric5, to demonstrate
>> the behavior. The error message is the following:
>> Traceback (most recent call last):
>>      File "D:\Projekte\Eric5\qsettings\py2_qsettings.py", line 54, in
>>      <module>
>>        Prefs2.uiDefaults['SingleApplicationMode'])
>>      File "C:\Python27\lib\encodings\__init__.py", line 100, in
>>      search_function
>>        level=0)
>>      File "C:\Python27\lib\pickle.py", line 1382, in loads
>>        return Unpickler(file).load()
>>      File "C:\Python27\lib\pickle.py", line 858, in load
>>        dispatch[key](self)
>>      File "C:\Python27\lib\pickle.py", line 886, in load_proto
>>        raise ValueError, "unsupported pickle protocol: %d" % proto
>> ValueError: unsupported pickle protocol: 3
>> Thanks. Tobias
>> By the way: If I manage to read the ini and save it again, Python 2
>> removes the quotation marks around the ViewProfiles values. Afterwards,
>> the settings file isn't readable in Python 3...
> Have you made your example too simple? It works fine for me.
> Phil
Hello Phil,

I've tried it now on three different machines and different Python2 / 
PyQt4 versions and all of them showed the exception.
I've tried

Win7, 64bit, Py2.7.3 64bit, PyQt4 4.9.4
Win7, 64bit, Py2.7.4 32bit, PyQt4 4.10
Win7, 64bit, Py2.7.3 32bit, PyQt4 4.9.5
Win7, 32bit, Py2.7.3 32bit, PyQt4 4.9.4

No machine have a development environment for PyQt. All of them use the 
GPL version of your installer.
Maybe that's the difference?

*Maybe it's the way you called my script:* if I run it from command line 
(only tested with Win7, 64bit, Py2.7.4 32bit, PyQt4 4.10) like
c:\python27\python.exe py2_qsettings.py
it throws the exception, if I use execfile('py2_qsettings.py') it works 

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