[PyQt] qmake error when building PyQt4 with Qt5

T.N.T. tnt at banza.net
Wed Apr 24 14:14:40 BST 2013


I tried to build PyQt 4.10.1 with Qt 5.0.2 and Python 3.3 by passing the 
--qmake parameter as I understood the answer from Phil Thompson to 
another question yesterday:

$ python3 configure-ng.py --confirm-license -q 
Querying qmake about your Qt installation...
Determining the details of your Qt installation...
This is the GPL version of PyQt 4.10.1 (licensed under the GNU General 
License) for Python 3.3.0 on linux.
Found the license file pyqt-gpl.sip.
Checking to see if the QtGui module should be built...
Checking to see if the QtHelp module should be built...
Error: /usr/local/Qt-5.0.2/bin/qmake failed to create a makefile from

Am I missing something?

Regards, T.

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