[PyQt] qmake error when building PyQt4 with Qt5

T.N.T. tnt at banza.net
Wed Apr 24 17:02:01 BST 2013

Am 24.04.2013 16:15, schrieb Phil Thompson:
> On Wed, 24 Apr 2013 15:14:40 +0200, "T.N.T." <tnt at banza.net> wrote:
>> Am I missing something?
> This will probably happen if your Qt doesn't include QtHelp. Try the
> current PyQt snapshot.

Thank you. In the meantime I tried something really crazy: I tried 
configure.py instead of configure-ng.py (sorry, I don't know why this 
idea took so long to approach my brain). With this it now seems to work. 
(I have no idea what 'ng' means.)

The only problem was that I had to manually create all directories for 
'make install'.

Regards, T.

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