[PyQt] Example sip/Qt code?

John Lee jjl at pobox.com
Sun Apr 28 20:52:36 BST 2013


I am considering forking and re-wrapping some Qt code, for use from PyQt.

What example code is there out there that could get me started quickly? 
Clearly PyQt itself is a good source, but is there code that's much 
simpler that could get me going with a simple case to start off with?

I'm most interested particularly in relatively simple but standalone 
projects that are nevertheless real production code, so that the build 
system is relatively to understand, but realistic.  Toy examples might be 
useful too, though.

A related question: are there any technical hazards I should watch out for 
when copying-and-pasting PyQt code -- will I need to rename certain 
identifiers that might not be obvious, to avoid conflicts?



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