[PyQt] PyQt / SIP from an embedded Python interpreter

Johan Thelin johan.thelin at pelagicore.com
Fri Jun 7 22:44:17 BST 2013


I've been experimenting with using PyQt and SIP from a Python
interpreter embedded into a larger C++ application. I do this on Linux
(Kubuntu 13.04), Qt 5 and PyQt/SIP from last Wednesday (June 5th).
This gives me an unresolved symbol, _Py_NoneStruct, when importing
PyQt5.QtCore. However, adding -lpython2.7 to sip and QtCore, it works.
I guess the import statement does a dlopen, and it fails to resolve
the symbols, despite them being linked into my host application for
some odd reason.

So, to the point. Am I doing something wrong here? Should things just
work? I've tried the -Wl,-E and -rdynamic, which was what Google
indicated could help. Alas, no luck with them.

If I'm not doing something wrong, do you want my patches to SIP and PyQt5?


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