[PyQt] problem with threaded ftp and QFtp.close()

Brian Knudson briank at pipelinefx.com
Tue Mar 19 02:42:00 GMT 2013

I'm running multiple instances of QFtp in multiple QThreads so I can download in multiple streams at the same time.

If I leave out ftp.close() (where ftp is a QFtp), all my threads properly emit a finished signal.  This is great, but it leaves the ftp user logged into my ftp server, eventually hitting a max_connections limit (on the ftp server), which prevents the remaining ftp transfers from starting.  When the program exits, the connections do close.

If I follow my ftp.get(...) (there is one per thread) with an ftp.close(), I can see the connections closing on my ftp server, I never hit max_connections on the ftp server, every download completes, but the threads never emit a "finished" signal (likely because the QFtp never emits a "done" signal), so the rest of the application doesn't behave properly.

I haven't made an example, as an example would require a fair amount of effort.  I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this or would have an idea of special handling required for the .close() method of QFtps in threads. Maybe it using ftp.close() implies a "done" signal & one must be manually emitted by catching the close in the ftp.commandFinished signal handler?

At the end of the day, the QThread's run method looks something like:

self.ftp = QtNetwork.QFtp()
self.ftp.connectToHost(url.host(), url.port(21))
self.ftp.login(url.userName(), url.password())
self.ftp.get(url.path(), self.out_file)


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