[PyQt] updating version

Matthew Ngaha chigga101 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 18:12:56 GMT 2013

hey im still studying my pyqt tutorial so im just an average level
user. i had 4.8 i believe but noticed they have 2 new 4.10 versions
out and feel its time i updated for all my future programs.


on the download page the Qt4.8.4 version is above the Qt5.0.1 xersion,
which made me think its newer? or why is it there if 5.0.1 is out? are
they different in anyway? which is newer and which is better for me to
get? does the 2nd one lose what the previous PyQt 4 versions had that
where removed from Qt5 and inherit all of the new api features Qt5
provides? like some of the old things im used to might not work?

Also this is a bit off topic. How viable is the use of pyqt to make
games? And if positive which is a better choice to use, the QPainter
on a widget or using QGraphicsView/scene. Im not really clued on using
the QGraphics stuff, is it worthwhile learning and better suited for
games than drawing the QPainter? The painter i notice has a lot of
drawing options pygame has so im confident it will be able to handle
games but a 2nd opinion would be nice:)

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