[PyQt] QLocalServer failures with Qt5

Baz Walter bazwal at ftml.net
Mon Mar 25 01:45:41 GMT 2013


I have some simple IPC code that has been working fine with Qt4 but 
doesn't with Qt5. The problem happens after calling 
QLocalServer.listen(), and gives errors like this:

     QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket specified

     QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket 1376166832 and type 'Read', 

I tried the PyQt example (examples/ipc/localfortuneserver.py), but it 
gives similar errors.

This is using: gcc 4.7.2, python 2.7.3, qt 5.0.1, sip 
4.14.5-snapshot-054f1676c300, pyqt snapshot-4.10.1-19c32f448665.

The equivalent Qt5 example (qtbase/examples/ipc/localfortuneserver) does 
work as expected, though.

Baz Walter

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