[PyQt] pyqt 4.10 and qt5 compile for embeded device

Johny Bui jbui at vivint.com
Wed Mar 27 16:22:18 GMT 2013

We were using qt 4.8.4 and pyqt 4.8.3 to build for an embedded device running QWS.

We want to update to Qt 5 and PyQt 4.10 but I can't get PyQt 4.10 to compile.  Notice that WS_QWS is no longer there which is what we want but is there a different define for embedded device?
With the new QT 5 we are using EGLFS so wondering if there is a define for that in PyQt 4.10 or do we just use the WS_X11 define.

Thank you for your help,
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