[PyQt] intersphinx references for PyQt

Erik Janssens Erik.Janssens at conceptive.be
Sat Mar 30 13:26:38 GMT 2013


would it be possible to include in the PyQt documentation's
objects.inv file references to all Qt classes wrapped by PyQt.

at the moment, it contains only a selection of wrapped classes,
and the PyQt specific classes.

there's only a few lines in the objects.inv file, such as :

:py:method:`disconnect <pyqt:disconnect>`
:py:method:`emit <pyqt:emit>`
:py:method:`connect <pyqt:connect>`
:py:module:`PyQt4.pyqtconfig <pyqt:PyQt4.pyqtconfig>`
:py:module:`PyQt4.uic <pyqt:PyQt4.uic>`

This would help a lot in writing PyQt related documentation.


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