[PyQt] Simple patch for pylupdate4

Florent Rougon f.rougon at free.fr
Sun Sep 1 21:56:10 BST 2013

Phil Thompson <phil at riverbankcomputing.com> wrote:

> Done - something similar.

Thank you... and sorry for arriving a bit late. In case you find it
useful, here is a better patch that performs universal newline
translation at the basic level (i.e., not only when parsing a Python

 As experience shows, pylupdate4 does not handle .py files correctly
unless the end of line style is Unix (\n is assumed to be the only line
terminator except when parsing .ui files). This is true even out of the
context of a backslash at the end of a line. This patch fixes this too
(tested with the 3 kinds of EOL style).


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