[PyQt] A Hopefully Silly Question from a Beginner

Patrick Barrett patrick at mkii.org
Mon Sep 16 16:19:57 BST 2013

I'm trying to write a small app the generates a few QWebView windows and 
then rotates the page that is displayed on a set interval.

Code: https://gist.github.com/Azdle/6556433

I've run into an issue that I don't understand. When I try to generate a 
`PageWindow` (Class based on QWebView) from within my `MainWindow` class 
nothing appears. (See the code in 29-30) However, when I copy and paste 
that code outside of any classes the window appears as it should. (See 
the commented code in 56-57)

Even when I can make the QWebView window appear, the QTimer object that 
I create in the `PageWindow` never seems to timeout. I think this is 
being caused by the same issue as the first problem.

I'm not sure if the issues are me doing the python wrong or just not 
understanding something about how the Qt-specfic aspects work. I have 
this application already working in C++, but want to get it working in 


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