[PyQt] Understanding PyQt Documentation (Chris O'Halloran)

lloyd konneker bootch at nc.rr.com
Fri Sep 20 16:36:49 BST 2013

'parent = None' in Python means: a keyword argument, keyword is 
'parent', default value is None.  (That's basic knowledge of Python.)

But note that the PyQt documentation requires a little more 
interpretation because: it is automatically derived from the C++ Qt 
documentation.  Thus 'QWidget parent = None' must be interpreted as "the 
type of the argument must be QWidget.'  In Python, you don't declare 
types of arguments, 'QWidget' is a carryover from the C++ documentation.

Also the PyQt documentation is sometimes manually augmented: the 
business about 'PyQt owning' is augmentation.  It's not obvious what 
sentences of the documentation are augmented from the C++ documentation.

So I usually consult both the C++ and the PyQt documentation.

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