[PyQt] Upcoming Release of PyQt v5.1

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Sat Sep 28 10:56:10 BST 2013

The current PyQt5 snapshot is a release candidate for v5.1. This

- full support for integration with QML and Quick2
- support for Qt v5.1 including the QtSensors and QtSerialPort modules
- an (almost) complete set of OpenGL 2.0 and OpenGL ES2 bindings
- support for cross-compilation.

Any last minute testing would be appreciated.

I've tested the cross-compilation support for the Raspberry Pi. I haven't
got around to looking at Android yet, and won't do for this release.
Actually building PyQt for Android shouldn't be too difficult (just setting
up a configuration file) but working out all the steps to create and
install a complete Python/Qt5/PyQt5 environment will take some
investigation. If anybody wants to have a go at this then please go ahead.


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