[PyQt] QtQuick documentation for PyQt5?

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On Thu, 6 Feb 2014 19:00:30 +0100
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Hello Jens,

thank you for elaborate reply.

> Well, the hardware is pretty solid, better than expected for a no-name
> chinese copy-cat factory. :). It costs EURO 400 but I do think you
> pay a EURO 100 Jolla support fee for that price. I traded mine for an
> old N950 I had in the closet at the first day it was released in
> Finland. :) The back plastic cover is totally removable and you got a
> user removable battery and sd-card slot under it. You manage a day
> with pretty heavy usage so battery time is ok. The Sailfish software
> basically is Fedora/Suse mobile with Wayland/Qt5 on the top so the
> base is pretty good. It's Qt-5.1 for now but Qt-5.2 is promised later
> this year. The Sailfish UX is also pretty good/beutiful and the main
> bugs have been fixed already.

Sounds good.

> If you're a smartphone power-user you might wanna stick to Android for
> now but if you're interested in being there from the beginning and
> don't mind waiting for apps and features to arrive sure the jphone
> could possibly already work as your primary phone. 

I'm not...believing that the phone should primarily serve as phone, so
I'm interested only for things like syncing my contact with my
non-Google provider, having some email app etc. For real pcis, there are
dedicated cameras, while for occasional shot whatever is available is
good to me.

It's more important for me to not to have fiddling with installing
custom ROMs (like on Android) in order to get of all the bloatware
installe on my phone - iow. I prefer having clean phone with just a few

> PyQt runs just as good as on a regular desktop linux distro. :)

That's nice (although I recently switched from Linux to Free/PC-BSD).

So it looks as the Jolla is in the best shape. Firefox OS is not ready
yet and Ubuntu phone will arrive even later.


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