[PyQt] PyQt make error ubuntu 12.04

David Boddie davidb at met.no
Tue Feb 18 11:39:29 GMT 2014

On Mon Feb 17 23:55:13 GMT 2014, David Boddie wrote:

> It seems that a workaround for Pablo would be to install Python from source,
> then install sip and PyQt using that Python installation.
> Unless someone else can suggest an alternative solution...

Now I think about it, a quick fix would be to comment out the sysconfig
import in the configure.py file. Change this

    import sysconfig
except ImportError:
    from distutils import sysconfig

to this:

#    import sysconfig
#except ImportError:
if True:
    from distutils import sysconfig

This at least appears to work for me.


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