[PyQt] query on pyqt panel

Pankaj Gupta pankaj at gaurishiv.org
Sun Jan 26 17:39:21 GMT 2014

Hi All,

I am stuck with a problem. I have designed a UI using PyQT4 . I have used
feq images on icons and on buttons. I have converted the ui file to
corresponding .py file. using pyuic4 command.  Even the execution of
command is proper even it didn't throws any warning message.
Now the problem comes when I tried running converted .py file on machine.
it is searching for a library "Image_rc" in one of the import statement. I
am not able locate this module. even I don't know how to create the module.
Please help on this.
please find attached ui file, converted.py file and .qrc file along with
the images along with this mail.

Waiting for your reply.

Thanks with Regards:
Pankaj Kumar Gupta
cell: *+91-9035486588*
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