[PyQt] Building PyQt5

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Thu May 1 12:21:00 BST 2014

On 01/05/2014 12:04 pm, Chris Wood wrote:
> I'm trying to build PyQt5 on Ubuntu 14.04; I've downloaded the
> tarball, unpacked, and run:
>     python configure --sip-incdir /home/chris/sip/sip-4.15.5/siplib
>     make
> Configure finishes fine (--sip-incdir is where I installed sip), but
> make does't complete, with several errors such as the following:
>     error: ‘SubdomainSetting’ is not a member of
> ‘QWebSecurityOrigin’
>     QWebSecurityOrigin::SubdomainSetting a2;
> (I've put the full list of errors from output on pastebin:
> http://pastebin.com/RiZa0hpD [1]). Any ideas on how to fix are most
> appreciated!

More useful would be the output of configure.py. At a guess you are 
compiling against Qt4 not Qt5.


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