[PyQt] Can't configure sip 4.16-snapshot-f6acb8ed7b65 for win32-g++

Arve Knudsen arve.knudsen at gmail.com
Mon May 19 08:36:10 BST 2014


I'm trying to install sip 4.16-snapshot-f6acb8ed7b65, but the configuration
phase emits Makefiles for MSVC even though I specify win32-g++ as the

    python .\configure.py -p win32-g++

For example, sipgen\Makefile starts with the following definitions:

    TARGET = sip.exe
    OFILES = main.obj transform.obj gencode.obj extracts.obj export.obj
heap.obj parser.obj lexer.obj
    HFILES = sip.h parser.h

    CC = cl
    CXX = cl

As you can see, the compilers (CC/CXX) are MSVC.

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