[PyQt] debugging pyqtdeployed apps

lloyd konneker bootch at nc.rr.com
Tue May 20 16:01:00 BST 2014

Again I have an issue where my pyqtdeploy'd app does not behave like it 
does when not deployed.  What debugging techniques should I use?

Specifically, my app under certain conditions doesn't seem to receive a 
closeEvent when the user clicks on the close icon in the upper right 
corner of the app mainWindow.  This is on Ubuntu 13.10 or 14.04 Gnome, 
Qt5.2.1, Python3.4, PyQt5.  (I suppose it could be a window manager 
issue but I can't yet test pyqtdeploy on OSX or Win.)

Would valgrind help?  My understanding is that freeze only encapsulates 
the Python byte code and doesn't really translate any code from Python 
to C.  I am imagining some error in the wrapping/binding code that 
valgrind might find.

Also, my Python code has plenty of assertions, but I don't think 
pyqtdeploy would disable those?

My previous issue was that app.activeWindow() did not seem to return the 
same result as it did when not pyqtdeployed, so maybe I have just pushed 
around the same error, that there is still a race or an aspect of Qt 
that I don't understand.

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