[PyQt] PyQt-4.11 configure.py

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Thu May 29 19:35:27 BST 2014

Rex Dieter wrote:

> Phil Thompson wrote:
>> PyQt v5.3, PyQt v4.11 and SIP v4.16 have been released. All now support
>> cross-compilation to iOS and Android.
>> PyQt v5.3 adds support for Qt v5.3 including the new QtQuickWidgets and
>> QtWebSockets modules.
>> PyQt v4.11 adds support for Qt v4.8.6.
> PyQt 4.11 build (using configure.py) fails for me on fedora:

Fwiw, configure-np.py works, but then I don't get any pyqtconfig.py that 
pykde4 seems to expect.

-- Rex

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