[PyQt] QFuture replacement for PyQt?

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang.kde at rohdewald.de
Tue Sep 2 07:26:56 BST 2014

Am Montag, 1. September 2014, 22:41:21 schrieb Bryan A. Jones:
> # Pseudocode -- just the concept, but not syntacticly correct:
> run_in_another_thread(result = f(a, b))
> # When f(a, b) finishes and returns result:
> g(result)
> invokable by something like:
> # Is there an implementation of this idea out there?
> QPythonicFuture(g, f, a, b)

probably (never tried)

and definitively
which needs a class qt4reactor or qt5reactor connecting the
event loops of Qt and Twisted:


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