[PyQt] QtWebKit and QtWebKitWidgets

Gianluca Romanin romaninz at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 09:36:50 BST 2014

I'm using the Qt widget style to build a little Webkit browser.
I need some Html5 features and I would like to know what version of Webkit
I'm currently using.
How I can do it? I can't find lot of infos about the Webkit version used by

It is not clear to me what are the differences between QtWebKit and
It seems that QtWebKit is used mainly for QML and that wraps a more recent
version of Webkit: QtWebKit dll is about 18 MB while QtWebKitWidgets dll is
not even 1MB. If so, how can I use QtWebKit in a QWidget style application
without QML? Is it possible?

Best regards,

 Gianluca Romanin (aka J_Zar)
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