[PyQt] PyQt5 qwebview not found in qtwebkit

David Cortesi davecortesi at gmail.com
Sat Aug 1 01:46:53 BST 2015

> Can I use WebEngine instead even when I port my app to Windows (Riverbank
site states due to compiler used it does not run on Windows)?

I ported a somewhat simple app with a browser window from the Qt WebKit to
the Qt WebEngine classes. Porting was not difficult; for the most part it
means inserting "Engine" into various class names -- when compatible
methods exists, they have the same names.

However, not all WebKit methods exist in the current WebEngine, and some of
the properties you may use in QWebSettings are not supported. Before you
commit to porting, make sure every feature you need is supported.

I do not know about Windows support, nor Linux. I do know that on Mac OS,
the QWebEngine setup within a Mac OS app bundle is very complicated and not
like normal Py/Qt lib locations. Deployment was very difficult, and when I
last looked (several months back) pyqtdeploy didn't deal with it. Maybe it
does now?

That said, WebKit crashes were a daily event, but the WebEngine seems very
solid once it works at all.
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