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Dear all,

I managed to create a compiled version of qwebengineview for my Fedora 20 Linux desktop. I can compile and run the C++ examples successfully, I can even run the qwebengineview widget inside a basic simple Pyqt5 app when I build the ui by python code and it then displays the Google website as it should.

However, when I use qtdesigner to design the ui, there is no qwebengineview widget to place on my app inside the widget box.

So what I do then is, I add by python code qwebengineview to a qgridlayout which I then set as layout to a standard widget I added already with qtdesigner.

Using this approach shows a black screen in which the Google website is displayed (but not visible). I know it is there since when I hover my mouse, I see my mouse pointer change when it is placed over a hyperlink. I can even select invisible text and paste that into a plain text editor to proof the qwebengine is there working but not visible.

I use Qt5.4.1 with python 2.7.8 and PyQt 5.4 on Fedora Linux inside a virtual box.

Any ideas why it is not working well when using a GUI being build with qtdesigner?

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