[PyQt] PyQt vs thick bindings for type-safe languages

Gour gour at atmarama.net
Thu Aug 13 14:39:04 BST 2015


there is a thread in comp.lang.ada where one user asked what to do in
regard to GUI part of his/her application for which functionality is
already written in Ada language.

Of course, using Qt was offered as an option, but the problem is lack of
quality Qt bindings for Ada…in such situation one of the proposed option
was to e.g. write application’s functionality in type-safe language like
Ada and create Pyton extension module, while writing front-end using
e.g. PyQt possibly taking advantage of both Ada’s type-safety and PyQt’s
rapid application development capabilities.

The repsonse was not to write anything in Python, but, afaict, provide
thick-bindings for Qt within Ada.

Not know about Ada itself, but, afaik, providing thick-bindings which
are considering type-safety is not and easy task and it takes lot of
time, so my question is what do you think about that approach to write
application’s GUI part with well-supported PyQT bindings and then
call/use application’s logic as Python’s external module written,
compiled and provided as shared library from within Py(Qt)?


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