[PyQt] PyQt vs thick bindings for type-safe languages

Gour gour at atmarama.net
Thu Aug 13 15:38:51 BST 2015

Damon Lynch <damonlynch at gmail.com> writes:

> Have you considered an approach such that the Python / PyQt code talks to
> the Ada code via a messaging mechanism such as 0mq

Nope, I’m not tied to Ada, just asking ’conceptual’ questions what can
one expect when using type-safe language for application’s logic (which
is nice) and having advantage of RAD using PyQt.

Btw, answer in comp.lang.ad was “Writing nothing in Python!” :-)

> Depending on your needs it might be a lot easier than building an
> extension or a binding.

What do you see as ’cons’ in regard to build Python extension? Just
complexity or anything else?


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