[PyQt] PyQt5 and py2exe

Jérôme Godbout jerome at bodycad.com
Tue Dec 1 15:47:16 GMT 2015

Dependency walker only see the .exe direct DLL, those used by Qml are not
seen and they are the one not found when compiling into Windows 8.1 on
others Windows (8.0-). I use the msvc precompiled Python 2.7.10 (I'm stuck
in 2.7.x since mercurial module is only compatible for 2.x, no 3.x port is
available yet) and pip to install most module. I had to compile sip and
PyQt5 (I only have Visual Studio 2013 here, so it what I used for nmake). I
known Python 2.7.x used VS2008 for it's compilation, not sure if this may
cause problems.

   - Python 2.7.10 x64 from binary (VS2008)
   - sip copmiled using VS2013
   - PyQt5 compiled using VS2013
   - Mercurial x64 2.7 from binary
   - python-hglib from pip
   - requests from pip
   - python-redmine from pip
   - rbtools from pip
   - Qt5.3 compiled using VS2013
   - Some C++ Qml plugins compiled into VS2013 (we already have some Qml
   applications in C++ that use Qt 5.3.0 and wish to use the same plugins here
   from Python Qml)

For the compilation into Windows 8.1, the generated exe does launch but
failed to find the qml platform windows.dll even if I put it directly into
the .exe path I added the relative folder to environment

Maybe I should compile a python 2.7.10 using VS2013 (I haven't check what
it imply and hope I do not have to do this under Windows). Or I may wait to
move to VS2015, use Python 3.5 and replace the mercurial modules usage for
full hglib if possible...

This VS dependencies mismatch is a nightmare. 3.4 is VS2010, there's no
Python version for 2013 it seem.

Thanks for your help,

On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 8:52 PM, michael h <michaelkenth at gmail.com> wrote:

>>>> ImportError: DLL load failed: A dynamic link library (DLL)
>>>> initialization routine failed.
> You can use dependency walker to narrow this kind of problem down.
> Are all the python extensions built using the same toolchain (e.g. msvc vs
> mingw)?
> (I have an app using pyqt5/py3/py2exe that runs on win 7/8/8.1 without
> issue, so it is possible.)
> - michael
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