[PyQt] QTableView as pick list

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I am sorry but I am still stuck.  I updated my code with:


    def ci_clicked(self, model_index):

        whoami = self.arrivals_view.model().index(model_index, 2).data()

        self.gst_form = Guest_form(self)


        guest_model = QSqlQueryModel()

        guest_model.setQuery("select * from bookings LEFT JOIN rooms ON bookings.room_id = rooms.hls_code WHERE id = '{0}'".format(whoami))


It drops out with an error:


File "F:\Dropbox\pms\main.py", line 120, in <module>


File "F:\Dropbox\pms\main.py", line 89, in ci_clicked

  whoami = self.arrivals_view.model().index(model_index, 2).data()


TypeError: QAbstractTableModel.index(int, int, QModelIndex parent=QModelIndex()): argument 1 has unexpected type 'QModelIndex'



model_index is being passed because if I put print(model_index.row()) into the code it comes up with the correct row.  There is something about the type of model_index.


PYQT_VERSION_STR gives '4.11.4'

sys.version '2.7.10 (default, May 23 2015, 09:44:00) [MSC v.1500 64 bit (AMD64)]'


Thanks again.  I am grateful for your patience with this beginner.



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Q*Model-s store the data; Q*View-s only present it.

The string data of the hidden second column should be:

    self.arrivals_view.model().index(model_index, 2).data()

with model_index being the second parameter to ci_clicked().

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