[PyQt] static Python target osx-64 missing util.h

John Hackett john.hackett at icon-is.co.uk
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Am I missing something? I've reread the tutorial on pyqtdeploy and can't see anything about the need for XCode when setting up to cross compile from Linux to Mac.... 

My setup is: 

o/s Ubuntu 14.04. 
Python 2.7.9 

I have set up directories as specified here: http://pyqt.sourceforge.net/Docs/pyqtdeploy/tutorial.html#ref-directory-structure 

I use the PyCharm IDE to edit the Python code which is in a single file. I think I've followed the tutorial re installing the static builds for a native installation and have managed to get the app to compile and run correctly on the host machine (Ubuntu 14.04). So, this should mean that I now have the correct Qt/PyQt/Python libraries and paths set up now and the few Python code changes I had to make to get the App compiled - it was running in the IDE but some changes needed to be made to allow it to compile correctly. 

My (naive!) expectation was that having got all this correct in Linux the only changes required to compile for the Mac (and later windows) would be to change the $SYSROOT and compile static versions of Python, sip and PyQt5 with the same pyqtdeploycli commands as before but with the "target" variable changed from "linux-64" to "osx-64" into the $SYSROOT directory. [ see http://pyqt.sourceforge.net/Docs/pyqtdeploy/static_builds.html ] 

Clearly this had failed at the first hurdle - I can't seem to compile the static Python with oxs-64 as the target.... 

Are my assumptions not correct? If not then what am I missing? 

PS: searching for util.h on my Mac ( find /Applications/Xcode.app -name util.h) gives me quite a few results - if I find the correct one do I just copy it from my mac to the linux host? And if so where so I put it? It seems odd to me that this would be required. 


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> That's a separate (but similar) problem.

> > Modules/posixmodule.c: At top level:
> > Modules/posixmodule.c:3869:18: fatal error: util.h: No such file or
> > directory
> > #include <util.h>
> > ^
> > compilation terminated.
> > make: *** [.obj/posixmodule.o] Error 1

> There seems to be a problem with your setup. You should be able to find
> util.h in the Xcode stuff...

> find /Applications/Xcode.app -name util.h

> Phil
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