[PyQt] how to insertRow() in a QAbstractListModel?

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Thu Dec 10 04:16:29 GMT 2015

On Wed, Dec 9, 2015 at 1:24 PM, <c.buhtz at posteo.jp> wrote:

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> On 2015-12-06 02:20 <c.buhtz at posteo.jp> wrote:
> > The signature (arguments/parameters) of the method doesn't have data
> > in. Where is the data to be inserted?

Not 100% sure about that method, but I believe the idea is that would
insert "empty" / "new" items (thus no data parameter).

In the past I've simply done:

# code to modify underlying python list goes here, however you choose
# ....

Using these two methods causes the view(s) to requery the data
after endInsertRows() (given that you've implemented data() correctly)

- mike
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